The retina is the nervous layer of the eye, and it normally lies flat against the back of the eye. The retina is responsible for collecting light impulses which are then transferred to the brain and interpreted as vision. When the retinas detach from their normal position, they cease to function and the patient becomes blind.

Tumors, fungal infections, severe trauma, inflammation, genetic predisposition, high blood pressure, an uncommon complication after cataract surgery or immunity problems can cause retinal detachment. Depending on what caused the detachment and how long the retina has been detached, in some cases the retinas can be reattached (medically or surgically) and vision restored. In many cases, however, the retina deteriorates and the prognosis for
vision is poor.


The following ACVO Diplomates perform retinal reattachment surgery:

Dr. Allison Hoffman
Eye Care for Animals
150 N San Gabriel Blvd #100
Pasadena, CA  91107
Country: USA
Phone: 626-564-0202

Dr. Bradley Nadelstein
Animal Eye Care Assoc.
660 Independence Pkwy
Suite 350
Chesapeake, VA  23320
Country: USA
Phone: 757-366-9060

Dr. John Sapienza
Long Island Vet Specialists
163 South Service Rd.
Plainview, NY 11803
Country: USA
Phone: 516-501-1700

Dr. Kimberly Hsu
Eye Care for Animals
2002 W. Main Street, Ste.Q St. Charles, IL 60174

Dr. Eric Storey
Louisiana State Univ.
School of Vet. Medicine
Skip Bertman Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
Country: USA
Phone: 225--578-9600
Dr. Joseph Wolfer
Animal Eye Clinic
150 Norseman St
Toronto, ON  M8Z 2R4
Country: CANADA
Phone: 416-232-0211