2017 ACVO Slate of Officers

Please help us thank the following outstanding ACVO Members, Drs. Dineli Bras and Kohle Hermann, who have accepted nominations made by their peers to serve as Regent on the ACVO Board. Both candidates are highly qualified, have been vetted by the Nominating Committee, and recommended to the Board of Regents for a vote of the Members. Please plan to become familiar with these candidates, their background and future goals, and vote for your next Regent during the upcoming Annual Meeting of the Members, October 13th, 2017 in Baltimore, MD.

ACVO Member, Dr. James Clinton, has also been presented to the ACVO as a nominee for Emeritus Member, by three of his peers. This is an esteemed position provided to those who meet the qualifications outlined below in the organization’s Policies & Procedures Document. Please review the recommendation letters and his CV provided below, prior to voting on the 13th.

Dr. Dineli Bras, Candidate for Regent
Dr. Kohle Hermann, Candidate for Regent
Dr. James Clinton, Candidate for Emeritus Member

Dr. Dineli Bras

(Nominee for the ACVO Board of Regents, 1 of 2)

It is an honor to be nominated as a candidate for the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists Board of Regents. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico and come from a big loving family, I have twin sisters and twin brothers. My father’s passion for animals and the Paso Fino horse breed was instilled on us at an early age resulting in three veterinary specialists in the family. My brother, Jose is a board certified equine surgeon,and Raul, is a board certified equine podiatrist; both currently working at Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital, the largest and most respected equine hospital in the world.

I completed a Bachelors in Science at Purdue University, a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine at Louisiana State University, an internship at Louisiana Veterinary Referral Center, and a residency in Comparative Ophthalmology at The Ohio State University in conjunction with a Master's of Science Degree. I became a Diplomate ACVO in 2004 and was the Department Head of the Ophthalmology department at MedVet Medical and Cancer Center for Pets in Columbus Ohio for 6 years (2004-2009). In 2005, I became the secretary and treasurer of the ACVO Vision for Animals Foundation and became the president of the foundation in 2014-2017. I have worked enthusiastically for many years, along with a great group of colleagues and board members to grow our foundation, to be able to continue to offer resident grants, and now to be able to offer larger grants to diplomates. We organized the SARDS Think Tank in 2014 that resulted in a published white paper and a grant was awarded in 2015. A Glaucoma Think Tank was also developed in 2016 and I had the honor to be a member along with a group of esteemed glaucoma experts.

A career-long dream that influenced the next step of my career was to be able to offer veterinary ophthalmology services in Puerto Rico; therefore, my husband and I decided to move back to open an ophthalmology practice in an established specialty hospital, Centro de Especialistas Veterinarios de Puerto Rico (CEVET). I am currently the only ophthalmologist on the island and in the Caribbean. As well as being a busy practitioner, I am also the mom of two beautiful sons, Raul and Joaquin.

What experiences and skills will you bring to the Board that will enhance the leadership of our college?
Besides some of the experiences listed above, I like to think of myself as a professional that have the ability to wear many hats. Not only do you have to wear many hats within your profession as you grow a successful practice, but I have the ability to stay actively involved in different organizations such as the ACVO VAF, continue to have passion and time for education, a wife that has to engage in the music industry and support my husband’s endeavors as a music promoter, and a very busy mother of two active kids. I am in charge of some of the continuing education programs, annual conferences in Puerto Rico, provide ophthalmology seminars throughout Latin America as part of their veterinary medicine curriculum, and I am part of the practical training for the veterinary technician bachelor’s program of PR. I like to think of myself as a good team player, hard worker, a well balanced and rounded person that always strives to excel as a leader.

What are the major issues of our college and how should they be addressed?
The ACVO and ABVO leadership have accomplished a tremendous task of restructuring our organization to a semi-autonomous certifying organization. Understanding this transition with the possibility of restructuring to an autonomous certifying organization is an important issue for our college in the near future. I would support the ABVO’s mission, and promote our ACVO membership benefits and privileges. As our college continues to grow and diversify, we have to be able to evolve, and continue to maintain high standards in education, residency training, and certification. The need of new standards and structure to possibly developing sub-specialties within our college will soon need to be entertained and developed. I would continue to support and enhance visibility of our specialty to the public. As a Board member I would support our mission and objectives, and would assist in these and other efforts to serve our membership.

What should be the major goals or initiatives of the ACVO for the next 5 years?
We should always set our goals to meet our mission and the ACVO objectives; to promote excellence in veterinary ophthalmology through advanced training, certification, research, and education. As we encourage education, training, and research, we should become an organization that understands the growth and evolution of our profession, providing a structure that meets higher standards in education. We should provide an organizational structure that facilitates the exchange of ideas and different needs between colleagues in private practice and academia that work together to meet our goals and standards.

Dr. Kohle Hermann
(Nominee for the ACVO Board of Regents, 2 of 2)

I started my journey as a veterinarian after graduating from Texas A & M University in 1970. My next three years were spent at the Animal Medical Center in New York City as an intern, resident in medicine, finally heading one of the medical services and working with Drs. Seth Koch and Carol Szymanski. Following my New York stay, I was fortunate enough to go to Colorado State University as a clinician and work with Dr. Glen Severin. There were three of us interested in ophthalmology and we began to acquire some knowledge in the specialty. After leaving CSU in 1974, I went into private practice in Houston, Texas developing a practice (Gulf Coast Animal Eye Clinic) devoted to ophthalmology and started taking referrals. In 1976, I became a diplomate of the ACVO.

When Texas A & M needed an ophthalmologist in 2012, Dr. Jim Swanson and I spent a day each week teaching the students in clinics while Dr. Mary Belle Glaze did the lectures. We continued this until 2015. It was very enjoyable and learning the academic side was enlightening.

I am married to a wonderful woman, Mary, who has put up with me for 38 years. Our son, Jamie, is a resident in ophthalmology at the University of Florida. I am looking forward to becoming a "Father/Son Team" when he returns to Houston to join our practice. In my spare time, I do some mentoring, cooking, and if lucky, I get to do some fly fishing.

What experiences and skills do I bring to the BOR that will enhance the leadership of our college?
Seeing that more of our diplomates are going into private practice, I may be able to lend some advice as to the needs and wants in a practice. Having served twice on the examination committee and once on the genetics committee gives me some insight into what our members have learned and done. We have extremely good workers within the college. Their goals to make the public aware of our specialty have been a benefit to all of us. I hope to continue their endeavors and improve our recognition in the public arena. As we expand our membership, I want to be available to listen to each one, as all of us have something to contribute.

Dr. James Clinton
(Candidate for Emeritus Member)

Dr. James Clinton is a Member Diplomate of the ACVO who has been nominated for Emeritus Membership, a position of honor within the ACVO, by three of his peers. Please be sure to review the nomination materials submitted for consideration before voting via written ballot at the Annual Meeting of the Voting Members, in Baltimore on Friday, October 13th, 2017.

8.01 Emeritus Members

(A) The Emeritus nominee must be a member of the ACVO for 30 years, have made continuous and substantive contributions to the ACVO during that time, and be nominated in writing by three members.

Application letter from Dr. Clinton:

In recent years, I’ve let the GA and MASS licenses lapse. The publications listed (in CV) are only those I’ve had published as a sole or partial author in peer-reviewed publications. I’ve been a regular attendee at the annual ACVO conferences. My recent contributions follow:

1. I was instrumental in obtaining reduced rates for “own occupation” disability income insurance through Northwestern Mutual, for ACVO Diplomates and residents.

2. I encouraged Stokes Pharmacy, which had a compounding pharmacy in Medford, NJ (location of my practice) to contact ACVO about sponsoring the Service Dog Exam program after the prior sponsor declined further support. I understand Stokes has agreed to a 3 year sponsorship and is enthusiastic about their involvement.

3. At the recommendation of Dr. Sam Vainisi, I provided 2 years of a multi-year mentoring of an ACVO aspirant (T.F. Evans, DVM)

View Dr. Clintons full CV here.

Nomination letters:

Drs. Lloyd C. Helper, DVM, DACVO,
Seth Koch, VMD, MMSC, DACVO Emeritus,
Charles J. Parshall, DACVO Emeritus
Robert C Trucksa, DACVO Emeritus