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Dr. Diane Van Horn Hendrix, DACVO

docSuccessful Penguin Cataract Surgery at The Maryland Zoo!

Boss Hog, a 29 year old male African penguin, developed bilateral cataracts in his old age. There was significant vision impairment: he was noted to have difficulty getting around the exhibit and he was reluctant to come out of his box or to be very active.

“Boss” was not seeing due to mature, or complete cataracts in both eyes. His keepers reported that he was not interacting with the other penguins and having problems with finding food. Dr. Anne Weigt from Animal Eye Care Associates examined Boss to determine if he would be a candidate for surgery. Read Full Story Here

ACVO Bylaws update October 2015
The ACVO Bylaws update was approved in October. The updated ACVO Bylaws document is listed in the members only section here http://acvo.org/new/diplomates/secure/secure_college_docs.asp.


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