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Dr. Ellison Bentley, DACVO

docCompletion of the 2016 Eye Exam Program brings the total to 52,000 Service Animals Screened in 9 years!

The ACVO/StokesRX National Service Animal Eye Exam program provided free screening eye exams to over 7,400 Service and registered Therapy Animals across the US, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Read the post-event press release, and check out the photo competition for July which benefits participants' preferred non-profit charities. Check out the 2015 winners and stories.

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ACVO Slate of Officers Announcement - 2016
The ACVO Board of Regents' Slate of Officers will be mailed to the membership in August, please watch your mail for the list of candidates and biographies. Thank you to those who agreed to run and serve the ACVO and its community.

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